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Why get your vehicle inspected?

We believe in “Safety First”! Therefore, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to regularly bring your vehicle in for inspection to make sure every part is in-tact. You may not see or feel certain underlying issues that could potentially escalate into serious problems in the future.

Brake Inspection

We will perform a thorough inspection on your brake systems to ensure nothing is faulty, which in time can potentially cause serious damage to your vehicle, resulting in expensive repairs. Bring your vehicle in regularly for a checkup. Click HERE to learn more about our Brake Services.

Headlight Inspection

Having your lights go out can be frustrating. Bring it in to have us take a look at the root of your problem. We also do Headlight Cleaning and Restoration to keep your headlights looking brand new.

State Vehicle Inspection

We offer quick and thorough services for a full vehicle checkup when required by state. Contact us for more information.

Vehicle Emissions Inspection and Testing

Your vehicle due for Emissions Inspection? Bring it to us to have us test and do a thorough checkup.