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Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Efficient Automobile Care 

Reliable & Efficient Automobile Care

10 Minute Oil Change offers Valvoline Motor Oil. Valvoline is a engine lubricant company has been around since 1866, and has since offer the highest quality motor oils, lubricants and cleaners to market.

With the wide range of motor oils we have, we have and know the best motor oil suitable for your vehicle. Drop by for a quick and professional oil change to keep your vehicle working.

We also offer a full set of services to keep your vehicle well maintained. Our services is also applicable to the Valvoline Professional Service (VPS) Warranty Program.

Cleanliness Is Key

We constantly keep our workshop and waiting room clean between services to ensure our customers and staff have the most comfortable experience possible.

Quick Turnaround

Your time is valuable to us. As our name suggests, we aim to provide you with the most efficient quality experience through our services.

Safety First

The safety of our customers is important to us. When we service the car, we follow safety checks and protocol to ensure both the staff and customer are in safe hands.


We go through multiple levels of quality checks before handing the vehicle off to the customer after the service to ensure the quality of the final product is up to expectations and as flawless as possible.